Why You Should Travel to Norway!

Formally known as the Kingdom of Norway, Norway (Bokmål: Norge, Nynorsk: Noreg) is a Nordic nation in Northern Europe that is located on the Scandinavian Peninsula. Norway also includes the Svalbard archipelago and the isolated Arctic island of Jan Mayen. Norway claims the Antarctic regions of Peter I Island and Queen Maud Land in addition to the dependency Bouvet Island, which is situated in the Subantarctic. Oslo is the largest and capital city of Norway.

Seasons and Climates in Norway

Generally speaking, inland regions experience harsh winters with lots of snow and hot, comparatively dry summers, particularly in the east of the country. Coastal areas get generally moderate and wet winters, with snowfall in the mountains. In the summer, the temperature here typically hovers around 20 degrees. The Vikings are unafraid of the weather, rain or shine.

Rain or wind, Norwegians know how to dress for the conditions and will still go outside. But on stormy days, it is ideal to explore the big inside once again and get cozy and in the mood for some indoor innekos.

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