iOs 17.4 released, these are the Changes for the European Union

A number of new features and improvements are included in Apple’s iOS 17.4 update, with several major adjustments made especially for European customers in accordance with the Digital Markets Act. An outline of the major changes and how they are changing the European iOS experience is provided below:

App Store Changes in the EU:

The provision for alternate app markets, a significant change to Apple’s app distribution strategy, is one of the most noteworthy additions. This modification gives businesses, like Epic Games, the ability to establish their own app stores for iPhone customers, increasing options and promoting competition. Moreover, iOS 17.4 lets users to select their default browser, supports several payment methods for in-app purchases, and permits choosing default NFC and wallet apps for Apple Pay. It also supports browser engines other than WebKit.​

Expanded CarPlay Features

New CarPlay features in iOS 17.4 include the ability for compatible cars to display information from Apple Maps regarding impending turn-by-turn moves in the instrument cluster. This update also makes references to eight new CarPlay apps, which suggests that next-generation CarPlay will debut in the United States later in 2024.​

Enhanced Siri and Podcasts

With the inclusion of “Hey Siri” activation options in more languages and automatic transcription support in the Apple Podcasts app, content can now be accessed and navigated more easily.

New Emojis and Other Improvements

Seven new emojis have been added to the update, giving users more options to convey their feelings and reactions. Additional improvements include the integration of the real-time budget app with Apple Card, Apple Cash, and Apple Savings, as well as a number of bug fixes and security updates to improve user security and overall user experience.

With these upgrades, European customers will have more flexibility and options in their digital environment, as Apple continues to work to improve the user experience while adhering to local legislation.

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